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Women and entrepreneurship

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Alecchi and Mirjana



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Liderazgo, Estrategia y Dirección Estratégica, Emprendimiento, Mujer


Women and Entrepreneurship comes from two authors with especially rich experience in this field of research. Embracing experience in a range of developed and developing countries and examining both dependent and independent roles, Beatrice Avolio and Mirjana Radovi?-Markovi? profile women entrepreneurs and consider their motivations, together with the obstacles and challenges that they face and often overcome. A focus on emerging forms of entrepreneurship leads to a concentration on what is happening in newly developing economies, with a major case study set in a South American context. The authors deal in particular with how rural entrepreneurship, virtual entrepreneurship, and project-based and home-based businesses particularly lend themselves to providing opportunities for women. The authors’ findings reveal that increased participation of women in business leadership has brought about completely new ways of business communication new business strategies and company development models and is imposing a new behavioural style on businesses.

Women and entrepreneurship