Artículos académicos The grounded theory approach to brand purpose equity drivers:the practitioner’s perspective

The grounded theory approach to brand purpose equity drivers:the practitioner’s perspective

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Brand purpose · Brand equity · Brand identity · Brand purpose equity · Grounded theory

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El enfoque de la teoría fundamentada para los impulsores del valor del propósito de la marca: la perspectiva del profesional


The brand purpose is a relevant new concept considered and applied by companies. However, the existing research is primarily isolated case studies, highlighting evidence of its application as a generator of value and brand identity. No studies stillidentify the value of a brand purpose, and there is no theory or concept around this point. In this sense, this research aims to map the theory related to the value of a brand purpose from data analyzed systematically that could reveal the related phenomenon and its relations. An exploratory study of an inductive nature was carried out using Grounded Theory with specialists (practitioners) in marketing. The Atlas. Ti 23 software was selected to carry out the analyses in this study. After completing the open, axial, and selective coding phases, the core phenomenon was identified and entitled brand purpose equity (BPE). Four subcategories of BPE were classified: activists, inspirational, differentiators, and identity creators, suggesting that BPE is a multidimensional construct. This is the first study that offers an exploratory conceptual framework to conceptualize and create a theoretical basis for the value of brand purpose. In this sense, this research paves the way for building the brand purpose value theory and a measurement prototype scale, in addition to allowing the identification of antecedents and consequences of the brand purpose and its impacts on brand equity, representing advances and fundamentals for the development of models and empirical evidence of improvement in this area.

Flavia Braga Chinelato